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Images of the Doha skyline can sell you to this cosmopolitan city immediately with the impressive sky scrapers lit up against the inky black sky. The capital of the one of the richest countries in the world and often compared to New York. Doha is inspiring.

While the enormous structures of glass and stall dominate the skyline, there are still panty of palm-trees, and beautiful spots to relax and enjoy the optimism and prosperous atmosphere that Doha seems to emanate.

The Corniche of Doha, is central to its city. Lined with palms, cycling paths and walking paths it gives you the opportunity to turn your back on the city and stare out into the iridescent water of the Persian Gulf. The Middle East, known for its building of manmade island, houses a museum of Islamic art, on its own purpose built island. Hosing the largest collection of Islamic art in the world, this museum provides a deep insight into Islam and the art that was fused with it. Lastly a traditional coffee house experience cannot be missed, there are many rooftop coffee houses that allow you to sip beverages that are quintessentially Arab and enjoy the city lights while taking in the sounds of the call to prayer.

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