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Vietnam/ Cambodia/ Philippines Offers


A country that is completely compelling, full of natural beauty and heritage. Vietnam has a long history of instability but now more and more people are flocking to visit this small country that is situated off the cost of the south Chinese sea.

Like most tropical countries, Vietnam has a dry and rainy season- but rest assured you’ll be sure to experience sunshine all year round. You may find snow in the North Mountains and sunshine in the south beaches.

Vietnam has one of the healthiest cuisines in the world; you may have tried the traditional spring rolls ad bread rolls that are incredibly poplar there. And there is no question that you’ll definitely try noodles during your stay, with balanced and astonishingly subtle flavours.

There are many things to do in Vietnam, such as exploring Vietnam’s beaches, caves, national parks, islands and bays. There are also War memorials and museums, and temples to visit. One of Vietnams stand out feature is the stunning ‘Ha Long Bay’ situated near the Chinese border, this natural bay features outstanding beauty and is a UNESCO world heritage site.


Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia of beauty, breath taking temples, fertile land, and a history unlike any other. The dominant religion is Buddhism. Each year, Cambodia draws millions of people who come to enjoy the country’s offers.
Cambodia has a wet and dry season but the coolest temperature never seem to dip below 24 degrees, so it’s a great place to go all year round.
You can do plenty there, from visiting the ancient temples, to relaxing on a beautiful beach. You can also see the wildlife and visit the national park.
Cambodia’s most famous attraction is the ‘Angor Wat’ This UNESCO world Heritage site, is the world’s largest religious monument. Originally built as a Hindu temple, it gradually became a Buddhist temple, and is now known as the 7th Wonder of the World. This site is a place to behold the incredible architecture.


Famous for their unrelenting hospitality, the Philippines is your ideal holiday destination for a paradise like holiday. This collection of islands, waiting to be explored, amazing food and ready smiles will make it your dream holiday.
Hispanic culture has influenced the Philippines and there is a strong sense of keeping up traditions.
There is lots of do there, from hiking up mountains, to see stunning vistas, to diving down to see the incredible marine life and you can also visit the national parks. There are also plenty of beaches to visit and relax on.

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