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Thailand is the world’s 51st biggest country and is an ideal holiday destination for all.

There is so much to do in Thailand. Firstly, the country’s rich culture ensures that there are plenty of temples and architectural reference points to visit. Since Thailand is majority Buddhist, it gives you a chance to soak up the faith that influences all aspects of daily life – from the tiered temple rooftops that preside over every skyline, to the omnipresent monks.

Secondly, Thailand has amazingly sophisticated food and local cuisine that you can be sure to enjoy. After all, Thai cuisine is one of the most popular cuisine around the world.

Moreover, Thailand has spectacular scenery to view. You can visit Thailand’s national parks-There are many forest parks if you long to explore the tropical rainforest or travel deep into the wild jungle to see some of the exotic animals that reside there. If you prefer scuba diving, snorkeling, or sea kayaking there are lots of national marine parks in the south and east of Thailand that are simply amazing. And after a long day, you can relax into a famous traditional massage.

Bangkok the capital city of Thailand is known for its haphazard structure and vibrant street life. Bangkok is the center of Thailand’s wealth and modernisation and is a must see for anyone wishing for an urban holiday.

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