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The UK is famous for its monarchy, its history and its foods. The UK is not short of places for you to go sightseeing. In London alone you have Big Bed, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, the Natural History Museum and the list goes on. But if you venture out of the city you will find so many hidden treasures.

Visit the Lake District if you wish to experience beautiful scenery, and go on long walks and challenging bike rides. Take a trip to one of the UK’s traditional sea side towns, such as Weymouth, Great Yarmouth, or Brighton. See the famous Stone Henge. Visit some of the UK’s historical sites where its history was changed, such as Bosworth battle field, where you can visit the fields where the final battle of the wars of the roses took place, leading to the start of Tudor England. Take a trip to Warwick castle to experience a thousand years a jaw dropping history.

Love Music? Visit some of the UK’s biggest music venues, visit when the world famous Glastonbury festival is taking place, or, if you have a love for the Beatles, visit Liverpool, to go inside the Cavern, where their music career was launched, or explore the Beatles museum.

Whether you love big cities, or scenic towns, thrilling experiences or would just love to learn more about the culture, the UK is a welcoming country, who is proud of their beauty, history and heritage.

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