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Italy is full of beautiful art, food and scenery that can be rivalled by very few countries. Italy’s beauty comes from both Mother Nature and man-made wonders. With the stunning Alps in the north and glacial lakes to the south’s volcanic craters and turquoise grottoes. Or see the shadows of the Roman Empire at the Coliseum, explore the birthplace of the Renaissance, the balcony of Juliette (and the houses that said to have inspired Shakespeare’s houses of Montague and Capulet). The country’s cities are world famous for their drama, romance and beauty, from Rome, Sicily and Tuscany to Florence, “fair” Verona and of course the magical Venice.

Italy has something for everyone, for those that love history, art, literature, an unforgettable adventure or simply have a love for great food and shopping. The country is truly seductive, with artistic treasures, romantic cities, and the best food you have ever tasted.

Once you have taken in the countries beauty, and explored the cities and their history, then why not try some of the endless amazing opportunities for those that love sports and physical activity. If you want to try out some water sports such as wind surfing, kite surfing, swimming, motor-boating, sailing and water skiing, visit one of Italy’s marinas, ports or tourist organizations. During the summer you would try white water rafting, kayaking, fishing or if you prefer the land, then try a challenging hike in the mountains, a bike ride or horseback riding. For those that want a thrilling way to see the beautiful landscapes than try paragliding or hang gliding. If you are visiting in the winter months then try some winter sports in the mountains.

Whatever you are looking for in a holiday, Italy can offer that to you.

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