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MotionGate Park Dubai is the largest Hollywood-inspired themed park in the world, where there is 3 massive Hollywood names in one place. There is a staggering 27 immersive rides and attractions, 15 live attractions, 9 themed restaurants and 15 themed shops. MotionGate Park brings to life 13 Hollywood blockbusting films.

MotionGate Park Dubai allows you to enjoy unique, high-value entertainment with the latest-in-technology attractions and new-generation rides that recreate the thrill only motion pictures can deliver.

MotionGate Park has 5 movie themed zones that are Studio Central, The Smurfs Village, Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate and Dreamworks.

See below for a list of areas and things to do.

Preview of the Park

Video Source - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJHvr2xYyx8)

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