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Dubai Parks

Dubai Parks has never been seen before, a park spread across 30.5 million square feet, Dubai Parks and Resort is the regions largest park with it being home to 3 separate parks and a water park. At Dubai parks you can experience over 100 different rides, attractions and shows in just one destination.

The 3 sections are MotionGate, Legoland and Bollywood . No two areas are the same and there is something to suit everyone, MotionGate Dubai is an area for family fun with special focus on Hollywood movie lovers, young adults, couples and thrill seekers. For more MotionGate Park information click here.

Legoland Dubai is for families or big kids (you can expect to find some of the Atlas Travels team getting in touch with their youth at this park), For more Legoland information click here.

Dubai parks is also home to its own water park! You can’t beat slides and rides, its family fun for all ages. For Legoland Water Park information click here.

Finally Bollywood Dubai is for Bollywood lovers of all ages, you can expect high energy and adventurous performances in this area. For more Bollywood Park information click here.

There is also two retail areas which are Riverland and Lapita. Lapita is the hotel zone where you can find accommodation on-site. For more Lapita information click here. Riverland is the retail area and is free entry, Riverland is the entrance to all of Dubai Parks and is also the exit so you will go through it on your journeys. For Riverland information click here.

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