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St Kitts & Nevis/Turks & Caicos/Anguilla/British Virgin Islands Offers

St Kitts and Nevis

Both of these Caribbean islands are intoxicatingly beautiful and with perfect scenery and weather. If you’re looking for a near perfect holiday, St Kitts and Nevis are the places to go.

Both offer their main attraction of tranquil blue sky, warm water and soft deserted beaches. Just one look at a picture of the island can easily pull you in…But there is a lot more that they can offer you:

To enhance your beach visit there are local restaurants and bars along the shore that will offer you delicious local and international cuisine, there is also a chance to engage with some water sports like kite surfing, jet skiing, surfing.

There are also mountains to explore and hike, as well as diving, fishing and snorkelling. The legacies of the sugar industry survive in pleasant plantation inns and the local culture is mellow, friendly and infused with a pulsing beat.

Turks & Caicos

World class hotels, spas, restaurants, famous stretch of uncrowded beaches and vibrant coral reefs. On land or below the water, you’ll be able to relax in the tranquil and stunning setting.
Voted at having the 2nd best beach in the world, why wouldn’t you pick this perfect island to enjoy a holiday on? The Turks and Caicos consist of 40 different islands, of which only 8 are inhabited. Most visitors return to keep exploring all the islands in turn. With boat hire frequent, it’s easy to get lost in trying to find your own small paradise for a day.
The islands are a divers dream, with amazing marine life and a wealth of coral reef; it’s the perfect place to learn to dive. In addition if you enjoy bird watching, these islands are a treasure trove. Their location makes them perfect ground for native and migrating birds to stop and feed and a perfect place to spot a variety of exotic wildlife..
Most specialty dishes of local cuisine will contain conch or some type of seafood- with seafood being the main source of food. There’s no doubt you’ll also be served some locally brewed rum with your meal, which you’re sure to enjoy.


Anguilla, down-to-earth and not as commercialised, this island will provide a perfect off-radar holiday. Anguilla is everything you need from a Caribbean island – gorgeous white sand beaches, turquoise waters, beautiful bays, soothing breezes and palm trees. A perfect picture.
The island has a slow and laid back atmosphere that will dominate your stay there. And if you can find the energy to pull yourself away from the view, you can try out the variety of activities that Anguilla offers you. Like taking a canter on a horse across the bays, or enjoying a locally brewed alcoholic drink at one of the many beach bars. Moreover you can enjoy a local delicacy at the restaurants. Usually compromising of seafood, and lovely Caribbean spice- You’ll definitely be asking for seconds.
Or you can have an underwater adventure, snorkeling or diving to see the rainbow-hued marine life that is abundant in the Caribbean Sea. And when you come back you can look forward to a relaxing spa treatment, on the water’s edge or in the privacy of your resort.
There are also several extended excursions, such as a helicopter ride over the grand-canyon. But that is if you get bored of simply enjoying yourself.

British Virgin Islands

When speaking of the British Virgin Islands, the first thing that may come to people’s minds is a stunning sailing trip. And while that remains true, there is so much more.
With more than 50 isles, it’s no wonder that people choose to simple house themselves in a boat and drop anchor every time they spot paradise on earth. Talk of the beaches cannot be missed. Postcard like setting in front of your eyes, swaying palm trees, lush greenery and aquamarine water. It’s hard not to sound cliché. But aside from lying on the beach getting a tan, there are also hiking trips to undertake. You can explore sage mountain National park. Where from the peak you’ll get a superb view of the isles.
As for the weather, you needn’t worry. Temperate with a coastal breeze, it’s the perfect place to shake off any blues you may be feeling.
One thing’s for sure you won’t go thirsty, with rum directed distilled from the sugar cane; you’ll find it readily and easily enough. The islands also offer a selection of exotic Caribbean dishes, as well as typical American and other international foods.
Lastly, if you need a break from nature, there are plenty of good shopping malls that offer you the chance to buy local and international products.

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