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In Cuba you can expect the unexpected. Behind the shabby exterior caused by the years of war, Cuba truly hides some exceptional attractions.

The culture in Cuba is mixed and completely varied, due to the influx of so many different cultures- from Amerindian to French. The location of Cuba has made it a place that attracts lots of immigration. Therefore creating a vibrant and multi-ethnic vibe.

The landscape in Cuba is varied, dusted white beaches, rugged mountains, wild and unspoilt valleys, sweeping vistas of sugar cane, tobacco plantations glowing emerald green against the earth. So however you prefer to spend your holiday, you can be assured that Cuba has something to offer you. For the explorers, there are the many exciting opportunities, Cuba offers stunning limestone cliffs to climb hike and enjoy horseback trekking.

Cuba boasts of seven exquisite cities dating from the mid-fifteenth century, an amazing variety of flora and fauna, some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and above all, the Cuban people describe themselves as welcoming, enthusiastic, polite and a lot of fun. Lastly, Cuba’s amazing cars are a sight to see. Almost everywhere you’ll see iconic 1950’s cars: Chevrolets, Buicks and Studebakers. Don’t miss out!

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