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This collection of 700 islands makes up one of best places on earth to explore and relax. All set against an unforgettable background of blue waters and sky. With a climate of very little variation, the Bahamas provide a warm, agreeable climate mostly all year round.

To explain the extent of the Bahamas, ‘Andros’ sometimes known as ‘the big yard’ is the large 2,300 square miles unexplored of the Bahamas, which is definitely worth paying a visit. You can explore swamps, palm savannah and wild forests.

There are also museums and galleries to visit -one of which is dedicated to the pirates that long accessed the island- furthermore there are also speed boat excursions that can take you on a speedy tour of the stunning aquamarine waters, and don’t forget to explore the national park that hosts the longest, underwater surveyed cave system leading to the ocean. And lastly, the beaches of the Bahamas cannot be forgotten; power white beaches and swaying palm trees, you’ll find all the relaxation you want.

The cuisine of the Bahamas is sure to never be boring, with seafood being a staple; you’ll find spicy fish dishes served in local restaurants at good prices. But if that doesn’t fit your taste most international food is served around the island. And why not try the specula concoctions that most bars serve as their speciality? Whatever you choose to do, the Bahamas is a place that one simply cannot help loving.

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